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2022 Executive


Robert Stumbur, Ex-Officio to all Committees, Landlord Liaison, Ladies Auxiliary Liaison, 699 Air Cadet Liason, Poppy Chair

1st Vice-President

2nd Vice-President

Jim Brown, Sports Chairman, 2836 Army Cadet Liason

Past President

Basil McKay, Honours and Awards Chairman


Iris Wall


Tina Cormier

Executive Committee

Carole Orr,  Membership Chairman

Executive Committee

Don Burgess, - House Chair

Executive Committee

Gerald McNaughton, Sgt At Arms - Appointed

Executive Committee

Ray Ranson, Ways and Means Chairman (Deceased)

Executive Committee

Sheldon Monson - (Appointed) Events and Co-Ways and Means Chairman


Ron Evans - Appointed

Service Officer

Doug Styles - Appointed

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